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If humans are “bad with exponential growth”, then yes, we can easily fail to detect ubiquitous real dangers in nature. But then we can also easily fail to detect false alarms from both:

1) Those who have studied and know how to select and weave the sensitive initial variables. [1] Being human, they still have some blind spots and world views, even though they attempt to minimize the impact. And…

2) Those who amplify or parrot false alarms with many more blind spots, world views, and side-motives intertwined.

Omitting these co-factors in this crisis is intellectually dishonest…

Parts 1+2:

Appendix A: Search For The “Preponderance Of Evidence That Masks Are Crucial”

Further below in Appendix B are a few rough attempts to visualize summaries of the 80 studies I reviewed that were directly downstream of the 2021 MIT study’s citations.

Quotes & Notes From My Search For Evidence

Before starting this search I had already read the WHO and CDC systematic reviews. This biased my baselines while looking for studies which are strong enough to start making an evidence-based case for universal mask mandates.

Emphasis within study quotes is added as if highlighting my favorite spots.

“However, despite a preponderance of evidence that masks are crucial to reducing viral transmission [25, 29, 104], protestors…

Video Version: Parts 1+2

Video Version (In Multiple Uploads)

  • Full Video (151 min)
  • Part 1: Reactions & Commentary (37 min)
  • Part 2: Conclusions After Research (10 min)
  • Appendix A: Quotes & Notes from Mask Studies (55 min)
  • Appendix B: Summaries of Mask Studies (5 min)
  • Appendix C: A Familiar Meme (3 min)

[Trailer] MIT study finds anti-maskers are “grounded in a more scientific rigor”
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[FULL Reactions+Research] MIT study finds anti-maskers are “grounded in a more scientific rigor”
151 min:

[Reactions+Research Conclusions] (Parts 1+2)
48 min:

[Research Conclusions] (Part 2)
11 min:

[Research Notes] (Appendix A+B)
61 min:


From open plans made long ago, came a year without hindsight… 2020

I think Orwell was warning. But Huxley and Klaus Schwab (of the World Economic Forum) were bragging. I stumbled upon this passage 80% of the way through Mr. Schwab’s July 2020 book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset”…

“There is no denying that the COVID-19 virus has more often than not been a personal catastrophe for the millions infected by it, and for their families and communities. However, at a global level, if viewed in terms of the percentage of the global population effected, the corona crisis…

Love the scientific method,
especially when used for controlled, transparent, reproducible experiments. But I might only trust my life with the meta-analysis of empirical evidence.

Do not consent to authoritarian governments,
including demands to obey extraordinary mandates on inadequate evidence, without informed consent, while discouraging or censoring reasonable questions citing official data.

Do not consent to totalitarian governments,
like thoroughly dictating how most businesses can function, or when I can leave my home without risking jail, or what must or must not go inside my own body.

Do not consent to fascist governments,
like those with concentrated public-private partnerships between big…

Updated Statistics & Customizable Trend Graphs:

It would be very nice if I had a lot more time — or if the professional media and health departments published regular reports with the deeper data context that I need to make potentially life-and-death decisions. But I’m finally publishing some graphs that I compiled using CDC data exports from October 21.

This round of analysis primarily involved the northeastern states in the U.S., which seemed to experience very similar first waves of excess mortality. Here, I rank various jurisdictions by their total number of COVID-related deaths.

Figure 1: COVID-Related Deaths (CDC) per Million of WHO Standard Population Distribution

This is the most…

This is a followup to my efforts over the summer… Governor Hogan’s Science-Based Health Policies: An Information Request Experiment.

Voicemail Message Transcript


This is Morgan Lesko, my phone number is _-_-_, and my email address is _@_. Living most of my life in Maryland, I appreciate your tireless efforts during these unprecedented times.

This summer, I sent a formal information request via certified mail and got confirmation that the Office of the Governor received it on May 22, 2020. …

Updated Statistics & Customizable Trend Graphs:

Dec 5 Update — I finally recorded a video with a less polished talk-through of this data, as I see it:

As of October 15, I have still not received any replies from Governor Hogan’s office to my formal information request sent in late May. “Most specifically, I am requesting a list of public health studies that informed policies ordering “all non-essential businesses and other establishments” [close], and “requiring all persons to stay at home” outside of essential needs (Order Number 20–03–30–01).”

Over recent months, I have researched many deeply troubling topics…

I’ve never actually met any “Science Deniers” who don’t believe that such methods can increase knowledge. IMHO, greater risks stem from more numerous and influential “Rights Deniers.” [Denying risks of democide also costs countless lives most decades.]

I condemn any restrictions on the basic rights of anyone, whatever they believe, absent direct physical harm to others. We must be smart enough to find solutions which protect both the vulnerable and basic rights.

Here in Maryland, Governor Hogan’s “Stay At Home Order” was “to be enforced by state and local law enforcement. Knowingly and willfully violating this order is a misdemeanor, and on conviction, offenders may be subject to imprisonment not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding $5,000 or both.”

This might not seem like a big deal, especially if it is not enforced very…

Morgan Lesko

Collaboratively Outgrowing The Corporate-Industrial Complex writing code & thoughts via,,,

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